Why Camping is Good for You (written by an un-out-doorsy person)

When was the last time you went camping? I don’t necessarily mean in a tent but do you remember what it was like to go to an actual camp with cabins, campfires, counselors with funny nicknames, silly songs and, well, “camp food”? I went to Camp Leo’s Family Camp on Memorial Day weekend and it was AWESOME. I’ve never been one for sleeping in bunk beds and I’ll admit, it’s been a few years since I was last what you would call a “camper” (and even this time, I wasn’t technically one as I was “staff”), but I found myself swept back to the time when I was one. And this one was even better because 1) tons of people, including the counselors, had type 1 diabetes (like me!) and 2) it was a family camp! Don’t get me wrong—as a tween/teenager I was usually more than okay with having separation away from my parents (who worried about me because I had a chronic medical condition and were unsure leaving me in the care of others—which tended to get old), but sometimes, I’d miss them. This camp was the best of both worlds because it included hanging out with friends (under the supervision of fun, responsible people who understood diabetes and how to treat it) while parents learned about 504 plans, exercise considerations and emotional issues tied to diabetes. Everyone got to connect with people who knew what they were going through, and they got to have a good time. Whether you’ve never “camped” before as a family or you’d just like to meet other people who experience the same kinds of things that you do, I highly recommend it.