What does diabetes keep you from doing?

Someone once told me that my height makes me ineligible to become a flight attendant. Something about reaching the overhead bin (which, make no mistake, I can do--it just isn't always the most graceful of processes). I was somewhat shocked to hear that this was actually a thing so I looked it up and saw that although different airlines vary in their minimum height requirement, it looked like I would just make the clearance for most of them. I can tell you that I do not actually wish to fly the skies in a professional capacity, but the idea that I would not be allowed to seemed really unfair, and I think there's a parallel here with diabetes. Is there anything you think you can't do because you have diabetes (besides make insulin)? One of the most common things I hear people express worry about is playing sports. The fear of going low is very real, especially for those who have had traumatic experiences with lows. And while it is true that engaging in physical activity does require some extra effort in the diabetes department, it is also true is that we have the tools and the knowledge to prepare and plan for a strenuous (or light!) workout. Sure, there may be a few things to "work out" at first (haha)--for example, when your blood sugar spikes when you first start exercising but then drops soon after. This can be infuriating and confusing, especially when you're trying to do something good for your body and it seems to be going in another direction! Talk to your diabetes nurse educator about why these things happen, how to prevent them and what to do if something does occur. Also, check out Team ConnecT1D's page to connect with other T1 and T3 (or people who love a T1D) athletes. Join Team ConnecT1D for JDRF's Beat the Bridge or check out Ragner, a relay race along the beautiful Northwest Passage.

It can definitely be overwhelming to think about, whether it's exercising or coping with living life with a chronic illness in general. If you find yourself feeling anxious or struggling to get out of a thought pattern that keeps you from doing what you want to do, consider making an appointment to come see me. I help people rediscover hope.