I'll get right to it: the amount of time you're allowed with your patients to cover a whole slew of issues (which often include psychosomatic symptoms) is often inadequate. This is where I come in.

I understand how important it is to physicians that their patients receive quality care, and I collaborate with multidisciplinary health care providers working with patients presenting with complex and challenging biomedical and psychosocial issues. My degree in Marriage and Family therapy as well as my specialized training in Medical Family Therapy (MDFT) through Seattle Pacific University have shown me how to implement a range of psychosocial and spiritual services to patients and families dealing with chronic illness and/or stress.

My training and placement as a behavioral health provider at the Polyclinic at the Madison Center and the Northgate location have given me experience working within the medical setting. There, I gained an understanding of medical culture, charting, doctor/patient relationship concerns, issues with compliance, and learned how to collaborate successfully patients, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals.

If you have a patient you think would benefit from my services and would like for me to reach out to them, please contact me with the patient's name, contact information and reason for referral. If appropriate, you may ask the patient to fill out this Request for Contact.

I also provide free 15 minute consultations to medical professionals so if you are concerned about a patient and would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact me.