Individual Counseling

Does your chronic illness keep you from doing the things you want to do? Are you afraid, or perhaps just tired of the additional mental energy it takes to function in your daily life, in the present moment, as well as your ability to envision a fulfilling future?  Simple things become complex, and finding satisfaction for fear of rejection or being "too much" in your relationships becomes overwhelming. Sometimes you may wonder things like Why me? or feel as though your body has betrayed you. I get where you're coming from. There's a way out and you don't have to do it alone. Start changing your life today. 

I also provide services for those who are not looking to specifically address issues related to a chronic illness and I reserve space in my practice for individuals struggling with depression, anxiety and/or relationship issues. Contact me to get the ball rolling.

Family-parent/child Counseling

The power struggle and the frustrations are real. As a parent, you worry about your child's health and well-being as they juggle the normal pressures of growing up with a chronic illness on board. It is likely that your child or adolescent has a difficult time communicating what their needs are, and frustration, grief and depression often show up as drama, anger and unpredictable irritability. As the desire for independence becomes greater (though the responsibility that comes with it often does not), you are confronted with the task of navigating how to let your child "take the reigns" while making sure they're safe and making good choices--even when you're not there to supervise. Email or call for a consultation or to make an appointment or check out the How to Talk so Kids Will Listen Workshop for Parents of Kids With Diabetes workshop. In-person and online groups available.



Relational/Couples Counseling

A chronic medical condition can complicate a romantic relationship in many different ways. It's almost like another person with their own separate needs--needs that put a strain on time, intimacy, finances, and other areas in life that, try as you might, cannot remain unaffected. You may be at a point where everything feels like it's about the needs of the person with the disease, which can suck all of the time and effort out of the relationship. Dealing with a chronic illness as a team can ease the burden and strengthen the relationship by increasing compassion, understanding and communication. Get in touch today.