Therapy for Diabetes & Chronic Medical Conditions


Many people living with a chronic illness feel as though their disease keeps them from doing the things they want to do. So often, the psychological toll that having a chronic illness can take is overlooked. It can interfere with relationships, rob people of their identity and leave them feeling “damaged”, among other things. They are often tired from expending the additional mental energy it takes to function in daily life and to be in the present moment as well as scared and struggling to envision a fulfilling life and happy future.

Simple things become complex, and finding satisfaction for fear of rejection or being "too much" for others becomes overwhelming. Sometimes you may wonder things like Why me? or feel as though your body has betrayed you. On top of my specialized training in Medical Family Therapy, my personal experience living life with a chronic illness allows me to get where you're coming from on another level. There's a way out and you don't have to do it alone. Start changing your life today.