Do you kinda wish that care-free woman jumping in the picture above was you?

Or maybe to the world, you seem like you’re her, laughing and having an amazing time as you move through life with everything under control. There’s definitely pressure to “have it all”—to look a certain way, have certain friends, get certain grades or a specific job so you can feel good about yourself. But there are so many boxes to check before you can actually be okay with who you really are that you find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster with what feels like no end in sight.

I’m Cassady and I help teens and young women suffering from anxiety, depression, and low self-worth to move into a place of healing, self-acceptance and confidence.

Cassady Kintner therapist

Here are some things we can work on together:

  • Feeling depressed, anxious and stuck in unproductive thought patterns

  • Body image & disordered eating

  • Worry about being “too much” or “not enough” in your friendships, family relationships and dating life

  • Shifting out of self-criticism and perfectionism, and into healthy self-acceptance


    *I also specialize in Medical Family Therapy where I help individuals and their families to cope with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes & colitis.

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